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Beyond the Neon Lights: Unveiling Japan’s Hidden Gems

Travellers are drawn to Japan, a country of striking contrasts, by its famous landmarks like Mount Fuji and vibrant cities like Tokyo. But straying from the well-traveled tourist route reveals a hidden Japan full of unforgettable encounters and stunning scenery. Here’s an idea of some undiscovered locations that are just waiting to be explored.

The Calm Villages and Enchanted Islands

Get away from the lights of the city and see the fascinating islands of Japan for a taste of peace. Located close to Hiroshima, Miyajima is home to the UNESCO-designated Itsukushima Shrine, which seems to float on water at high tide. Adorable rabbits may be seen walking freely on nearby Okunoshima, popularly referred to as “Rabbit Island.”

Historic Sites and Stunning Train Rides

Japan has undiscovered treasures just waiting to be discovered if you’re interested in nature and history. The Kyushu region’s Takachiho Gorge is home to magnificent waterfalls that plunge into green pools. Legend has it that these ethereal surrounds are home to gods and legendary creatures. Explore the ancient ruins of Nara for a trip through time. Here, imposing temples like Todai-ji are home to a massive bronze statue of the Buddha. In the japan tours news you can get all the options available here.

Savour Regional Crafts and Culinary Delights

Beyond sushi and sake, there is much more to Japanese cuisine. Discover Kanazawa, a quaint port town famous for its fresh seafood and superb Kaga kuyaki pottery. Watch how deft artists carefully shape clay and paint these lovely items by hand. Visit Takayama, a little village tucked away in the Japanese Alps, for a taste of real Japanese food. A must-try is hoba miso, a local speciality that consists of miso paste cooked on a magnolia leaf.

Accept Local Holidays and Customs

Take part in regional celebrations and customs if you want to see Japan at its core. The colourful Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori is characterised by large lit floats that represent warriors from myth. Experience the mesmerising performances at Kawasaki’s unique fertility celebration, Kanamara Matsuri.  Attend a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto for a window into the spiritual side of Japan. The ceremony is full with symbolism and awareness.

Local Homestays and Ryokans

If you want a real Japanese experience, think about staying somewhere else. Traditional Japanese inns, or ryokans, provide a window into another world. Envision sleeping on tatami mats, taking community onsen baths, and enjoying delectable multicourse meals that are brought to your room. Choose a homestay with a local family for a more thorough cultural experience. Through this encounter, you may become friends with locals, discover more about their everyday lives, and get a personal look at Japanese hospitality.

Embrace Coincidence

The allure of deviating from the conventional route is in the potential for unforeseen revelations. Find a secret shrine tucked away in a peaceful neighbourhood or a quaint local market full of interesting discoveries. Even if you don’t speak much, take advantage of the chance to strike up a conversation with amiable people. The most treasured travel experiences sometimes stem from these unexpected interactions.


Pack a healthy amount of curiosity along with your spirit of adventure. Japan’s hidden treasures are just waiting to be found with a little investigation and an open mind, making your vacation something really extraordinary.

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